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Why Recycle?
It's beneficial to the environment as recycling materials normally uses less energy than generating from scratch and diverting material from landfill reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gasses.
It’s motivating as people like to be able to recycle at work as they do at home. Once staff see how seriously their employers take waste savings in other areas should be seen.
Cost effective!
With a combination of recycling, waste reduction and efficient collection methods waste costs can be halved. With the average company spending 4% of its turnover on waste and manufacturing industries up to 10% halving these costs represents a massive saving.
Career boosting
Imagine if you were a salesman who was directly responsible for generating sales worth almost half a company's turnover one year. You would expect some recognition or reward wouldn't you? Now imagine generating those orders every single year. That is what you are effectively doing by saving your organisation 2-5% of turnover a year. So measure your results and let others in your organisation know. It will help motivate others to recycle and won't do you any harm either.
It's the law:
The Landfill Directive is designed to increase waste recycling and reduce dangerous emissions from landfill sites. For general commercial waste, a proportion of each waste stream your business produces must be separated out for recycling or it must go through a sorting facility.  
The Data Protection Act makes it a legal requirement to ensure the confidentiality of any data that might identify any living individual. Failure to comply is a criminal offence. workplacerecycling.com provides a range of secure confidential recycling bins that can assist you with Act compliance.

Meeting standards - ISO14001

ISO14001 is an international quality system for environmental management, providing a framework to allow businesses to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment. It seeks to establish a company policy for planning environmental objectives and for complying with laws, directives and regulations.

It's easy to do!

Separating out recyclable materials from general waste at point of use is simple if you have the right recycling bins in the right place. We stock the world's largest range of recycling bins and offer next working day delivery to the mainland UK as well as exporting bulk orders throughout the world.

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